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RPG. Capsule Review by Dave Dembinski. >> Anonymous Tue Mar 17 20:31:44 2015 No.38775541 >>38775477actually, in the cell saga manuscript, the author suggests and gives examples on how to turn the system from fuzion into a direct resource management/bid game.stuff like making high power characters pay energy for their punches, giving them a reason to hold back from full strength etc. >> Anonymous Tue Mar 17 19:21:32 2015 No.38773973 >>38773590yes please. >> Anonymous Tue Mar 17 16:46:29 2015 No.38770346 File: 38 KB, 900×506, saiyanspacepodbypenguin09-d5dufow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report] bumpin for interest . One thing that confused many people, including this reviewer, was how some of the characters in the first book got to have such insanely high Move stats (and why they did, since they could fly anyway and Move wasn’t used for much of anything). >> Anonymous Tue Mar 17 20:23:08 2015 No.38775347 File: 35 KB, 576×432, Prince Vagina Approves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report] >>38774322your’e the man now dawgI’ll start a general thread tomorrow for more homebrew suggestions then list the torrent maybe thursday . I never knew they made more, just the shitty Sailor moon one which i think is the same system. >> Anonymous Tue Mar 17 19:37:19 2015 No.38774322 File: 200 KB, 500×375, babidifucksyou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report] >>38774071Indeed. The first Dragonball Z RPG published by R. While I can understand this, and even sympathize with the game designer’s decision to make this so, considering the abilities that Saiyans and Namekkians display later in the series, it added a random element to character generation that seemed to take a lot of the fun out of it. tell me more(?) . And, while it doesn’t maintain balance as well as the core rulebook, it does clarify some major problems with the core system as well as providing more opportunities for players to make the characters they want. shame. no.


reCAPTCHA Action . If you’ve played it, is it any fun? I might be able to trick my players into playing it.CHA LA HEY CHA LA . >> Anonymous Tue Mar 17 20:29:13 2015 No.38775477 You know, i’ve thought of doing a DBZ game where the power levels are just the pool you draw from to do shit while you have some other stat limiting how much you can draw. Miscellaneous other New Stuff . Rules for tons of new powers, races, spaceships, etc. In one side by side comparison, it shows Krillin and Superman with the flavor text that Krillin can beat Superman with just his pinky. Explained in that a sidenote is dedicated to the discrepancy, and rectified in that another sidenote implies a system for raising ability scores. Handy when you’re getting a little to big for your britches on Earth. Goku’s, for example, was well over 100, in a system where 6-7 is an athletic human! Compounding this problem further was that there was no visible way set forth to raise the four primary ability scores, namely Physical, Mental, Combat, and Move, and yet here were characters with scores exponentially higher than what was possible for the normal player. 6c2930289c

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